Apr 13

Highlights from Hiatus


I’m still making and thinking about things, my energy has just been redirected and maybe stretched a little thin.

In February RDS collaborated with Mary from Justseeds for the Migration Now! Portfolio Launch. The initial opening was cancelled due to snowstorm warnings, so our live silkscreen activity was combined with the Justicia / No One Is Illegal / Beehive / RDS / Justseeds panel event.


We created a design for bandanas featuring animals with different relationships to migration. We also made a handout with backstories. The process was nice, we developed our ideas and practiced printing over the course of two dinners hosted at Bike Pirates. Our initial inspiration was thinking about the relationship between migration and colonialism alongside classifications of animals as ‘native’ / ‘invasive’ species and it evolved from there.

I also started a new tumblr in February called other orders because there was stuff I wanted to share that didn’t fit on free the streets. It’s mostly been a space for reclaiming culture and experimenting with digital design. So I get to make GIFs from Iranian cinema, remix and recontextualize Dr. Doom comics, and post images that would otherwise sit on my hard drive.

Image from Marvel Super Heroes Presents: Doctor Doom (#20, 1969) #GenderTrouble

A scene from 20 fingers (2004)


Nov 12

Re-Purposing Political Posters

Hey it’s me checking in. I’m prepping with Radical Design School for our workshop during the OPIRGs’ Rebuilding Bridges conference.

Our session involves re-purposing (un-used) political posters to make notebooks. Should be fun and hopefully an opportunity to facilitate a good discussion about movement-building as well.

In the process of developing this workshop we came up with a neat list of some other possible projects. It’s not ideal, but sometimes after a big event or demo, there’s stacks of extra posters left over. And inevitably, when you’re making prints, there’s going to be some misprints that aren’t quite right.

Some become keepsakes for personal archives – tacked on to walls or tucked away for safe-keeping – but what can we do with the rest, the uncoveted remainder? Do posters need to have an expiry date? Can they have a second life? Another opportunity to speak out, maybe a chance to try doing something new?

I hope so!

Notebooks (Pamphlet Stitched)

The notebooks pictured here are pamphlet stitched. I learned about this simple technique from a little zine I got at TCAF called “6 Sweet Binding Techniques and How To Do Them!” by Beth Hetland. It recommends 4-8 sheets, but I went up to 16 without problems. This PDF by Booklyn Artists Alliance sums up the process pretty well. And more guides from them are available here.

Notebooks (Perfect Bound)

Perfect binding is great for creating longer books, but it requires a little more work. Lisa MacDonald did a workshop on perfect binding during the first RDS workshop series. Click for photos from the workshop and a PDF guide to perfect binding.


I did an earlier blog post on this, from when I made envelopes to hold DVDs and a booklet by No One Is Illegal – Toronto. You can cut straight to the how-to video here.

Book Jackets

For protecting your books and/or privacy, allowing you to wrap covers with your own personal propaganda. How-to video here.


I tried this tutorial and my only complaint is that for CDN bills, letter-size paper made wallets that were a little too small, and tabloid was way too big. Legal size paper or trimmed tabloid would be better.

Paper Bags

Haven’t tried this idea yet but it looks awesome.

Thank You Cards, Calling Cards, and Bookmarks can all be made out of chopped up pieces of (mis)prints on thicker paper stock.

Thanks to crafty paper crafters, the possibilities are almost endless … Sketch Paper, Paper Stencils, Paper Cut Outs, Paper Mache, Collages, Images for Buttons, Gift Wrap.

And check out this plan for a Woven Basket!

Apr 12

Photoshop WTF

Photoshop WTF: A Short Guide to Using Photoshop for Political Posters (view/download below)

My first zine! Or mini-zine. Inspiration came out of Radical Design School workshops and my Popular Education class with Yogi. I followed this style of template, but I used an actual zine as a guide instead – a cool double-sided one by Kenji Tokawa on silk screening that a friend gave me.

I’m looking forward to getting some feedback so I can find out if it’s useful and/or if people hit snags. It’s super-short, but hopefully once people give it a try, they’ll be interested in learning more. I’d be open to expanding it in the future, or taking on other subjects, or other folks taking on their own subjects with the WTF theme. Requests?

Download (PDF, 1.14MB)

Print Version