Sep 12

Mmaking Mmultiples


Footage from a print-making session with Renee & Sheila this summer. Renee carved the image when she was in Mexico. So much fun.


May 12

If You Ate Today, Thank a Migrant Worker

I collaborated on this video with Regine, Leo, and our friends from Justicia 4 Migrant Workers.

Only snippets from this incredible journey are covered in this short video. The events connected the present realities of migrant workers to the history of unfreedom, as seen in the experiences of the anti-slavery underground railway movement and with indigenous peoples’ struggles against colonialism.

A follow-up to last year’s historic Pilgrimage to Freedom, which we also produced a video for.


Nov 11

Conspire to Resist

Conspire to Resist: A Message from the “So-Called G20 Main Conspiracy Group” (read the full statements on the plea deal here).

So much admiration and respect to this group. Today we welcomed 11 people back to the streets after 18 months but 6 others (Alex, Mandy, Leah, Peter, Erik & Adam) will have to face jail time in order to bring this show prosecution to an end.

 Top image: Beehive Design Collective, middle: Sheila Hewlett, bottom: Ryan Hayes

Jun 11

May Day 2011 March for Status for All

I finally completed the short version of this video from May Day. It was a fun a collaboration with two videographers including my friend Owen from LCO.


Oct 10

This is what a demonstration looks like!

Just finished this video tonight. Hours later we received a disturbing update: Alex has been “released” on bail after being thrown into solitary confinement and coerced into signing outrageous bail conditions.

From the public release:

Thursday October 15, Toronto, Mississauga New Credit – Less than 24 hours after refusing to sign outrageous bail conditions which included not expressing political views in public and non-associations intended to further isolate him, Alex Hundert was forced to consent to his release.

On the night of Wednesday October 14th, Alex was told by the security manager at the Toronto East Detention Centre that he had to sign the bail conditions or face solitary confinement in “the hole”, without access to phone calls or writing paper. He was put in solitary confinement after an initial confrontation with correction staff where he resisted initial attempts to make him sign. He was denied the right to call his lawyer, and told that if he didn’t sign now, they would revoke the bail offer and he would be held in solitary confinement until his eventual release from prison.

Coerced into signing these conditions, Alex was thrown out of Toronto East and left to find his own way home to his sureties’ house. The prison authorities forced him into a position where he could potentially be accused of further breaching his bail.  Alex is now back on house arrest with an enforced curfew, with non-associations with co-accused and members of SOAR, AWOL, NOII and other community organizers. He also has the additionally imposed restrictions of no direct or indirect posting to the internet, no assisting, planning, or attending any public meeting or march, and no expressing of views on a political issue.

Oct 10

Pilgrimage to Freedom: Breaking the Chains of Indentureship

Just finished editing this video from the incredible march Justicia for Migrant Workers helped organize with migrant workers.

On October 10, 2010, migrant workers and their allies participated in a historic march from Leamington to Windsor, Ontario to call attention to the living and working conditions of migrant workers who grow and process our food.

Migrant workers demanded status, an end to exorbitant recruitment fees, better housing, safe working conditions and an end to racism and sexism in the workplace.

Jul 10

The People vs. Jason Kenney

From Saturday’s National Day of Action against Minister of Censorship and Deportation Jason Kenney. Spent some time in the head, behind the camera, and on the computer editing! Looks best in Vimeo.