Nov 11

Conspiracy Poster Series

 For Adam

 For Peter

 For Erik

Didn’t plan to make these, it just sort of happened. Wonder if I can mail them … if not, I can at least talk about them in a letter.

Update #1: For Leah

Update #2: For Mandy

Update #3: For Alex



Amanda Hiscocks
Vanier Centre for Women
655 Martin Street
Box 1040
Milton ON
L9T 5E6


Alexander Hundert
Unit 6
Central North Correctional Centre
1501 Fuller Ave
Penetanguishene, ON
L9M 2H4

 Photo from Nov. 22 “Resist G20 Repression” rally

Photo in Poster #2 from Oh Paris on flickr … and I know, “lovers’ locks”, but I’m sure we can use our imaginations here…

Illustration in Poster #4 from Sheila Hewlett

Nov 11

Conspire to Resist

Conspire to Resist: A Message from the “So-Called G20 Main Conspiracy Group” (read the full statements on the plea deal here).

So much admiration and respect to this group. Today we welcomed 11 people back to the streets after 18 months but 6 others (Alex, Mandy, Leah, Peter, Erik & Adam) will have to face jail time in order to bring this show prosecution to an end.

 Top image: Beehive Design Collective, middle: Sheila Hewlett, bottom: Ryan Hayes