Jul 11

Free the Streets Pt. 2

So I started this blog a year ago today.

This has been a great space to share my work and encounters as a student at the Emma Goldman Institute for Anarchist Studies (EGIAS). The EGIAS is a school that doesn’t exist, but should. And for that reason it can exist anywhere. So I enrolled myself.

Since I started a new job in January, I haven’t been able to read and write as much and I’ve fallen out of the rhythm of posting here.

Now I’ve started working on a new blog project that works better with my schedule and current interests.

Free the Streets. A photoblog on *political* posters and street art in Toronto. Documenting it, making it, loving it.

The cool thing about tumblr is it’s a great platform for collaboration and I really hope to be able to do that with Free the Streets. People can submit posts or join as regular contributors.

I’ll still be posting here (and really, the inspiration for this project was laid out here and here), just know that most of the action will be over there for now!

P.S. Steve Lambert, the creator of the Emma Goldman Institute of Anarchist Studies art intervention, is looking for people to support his cool new project on Kickstarter

Sep 10

Speaking Back to the Walls

A collection of photos from the past year of the streets of Toronto. Shot on my terrible phone camera, which really needs to get upgraded.

The title “Speaking Back to the Walls” is borrowed from artist and activist Oriel Varga, who started doing large-scale paintings commissioned by-students, for-students as a response to years of walking through hallways filled with paintings of rich old white men (and some women) who disenfranchise students and impose corporate agendas.

When we speak back to the walls, we spark discussions about the university and community we want. Or, you know, about pterodactyls pooping on other dinosaurs.