Jan 11

Sacred/Disposable Life

Quote via my friend Craig. Quick remix of Crystal Palace image from Toronto of the 1870s.

Sorry I just started a new job, hope to be blogging more regularly soon.

Aug 10

Let Them Stay

Another quick remix, original below. Had this cool pattern from the inside of a courier letter and needed to do something with it.

“From the Komagata Maru carrying 376 Punjabi passengers and the SS St. Louis travelling with 900 Jewish asylum seekers, to the boats with 600 people from China’s Fujian province and the Ocean Lady that docked in B.C. last year with Tamil refugees – there is something about boatloads of migrants that triggers a national hysteria. Perhaps it is the realization that the expanse of ocean is not enough to enforce the divide between the West and the so-called Third World.”

Harsha Walia, “Why we should welcome boatful of Tamil refugees into Canada”

Check No One Is Illegal – Vancouver for more info and ways to support

Image from No One Is Illegal – Vancouver

Jul 10

Why They Are Rich

This 1923 advertisement for a Swiss department store (PKZ) by Otto Morach reminded me of gangster capitalism and the spectacle of actions like Billionaires for Bush, or more recently Queer Billionaires for the G20 (starting @ 1:39),  so in my quick re-mix I tried to represent power structures, growing inequality, placation and the limitations of “legitimate”, state-sanctioned resistance. Pulled from Alain Weill’s The Poster: a worldwide survey and history.