Oct 11

99% vs Ford

Top 2 images via Yellow Sweaty Gorilla, 3rd via Teal Johannson-Knox

Had some fun on Saturday screenprinting signs with friends (Craig, Jenny, Ed and Gabi!) for the Occupy demonstration. We cooked up a quick design to connect the 99% messaging with the Stop the Cuts organizing since the march was going from the financial district to City Hall.

Would love to come back and do it again with a new design, especially something that talks about how Toronto and Canada are already occupied land. Any suggestions?

Jan 11

Fight Ford’s Cuts

Really happy to be able to make this. Much respect to the stencilist who put this up. I was also experimenting with some animated GIF creators, but maybe I’ll save that for another time.

Nov 10

Dear Toronto

Been working on a couple projects and designs, here’s something I did quickly (based on this great illustration) so you know I’m still here!

I think we are entering a moment where it will become increasingly clear that we have to turn to each other to sustain ourselves and realize our ideas of community. Godzilla, Mothra – these creatures will not save anyone – we have to save ourselves!