Sep 10

Speaking Back to the Walls

A collection of photos from the past year of the streets of Toronto. Shot on my terrible phone camera, which really needs to get upgraded.

The title “Speaking Back to the Walls” is borrowed from artist and activist Oriel Varga, who started doing large-scale paintings commissioned by-students, for-students as a response to years of walking through hallways filled with paintings of rich old white men (and some women) who disenfranchise students and impose corporate agendas.

When we speak back to the walls, we spark discussions about the university and community we want. Or, you know, about pterodactyls pooping on other dinosaurs.

Jul 10


Artist Uknown. Unfinished. Cecil and Spadina, next to Sonic Cafe.

Evokes memories of G20 for me, but not sure when this was put up, or what the artist intended (especially with the polar bear).

Nearby on the other side of Spadina there is this “Canada Spent a Billion Dollars on the G20 Summit and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt”¬†paste-up.¬†Unfortunately it has now been defaced.

Image: charmgirl13

And not far away in Kensington Market, a wall was put up for people to share their G20 stories.

Image: Martin Reis, who has a great set of G20 Signs & Posters & Stories here

For words, I highly recommend this personal blog: Of Hope and Rage. And especially for those who weren’t present:
“The G20 in Toronto: An open letter to family and friends who weren’t there”.

Riot Harper from Posterchild’s Blade Diary, which reminded me of Ray Noland (aka CRO)’s Daley Riot:

When events like these go down, it’s great to see people take to the streets and for art to form a part of that response.

Image: Sheila Hewlett

“The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress” Frederick Douglass