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No Masters of Revolutionary Arts

Produced this piece as a gift, inspired by Steve Lambert’s intervention (which I’ve mentioned before) and the degrees conferred by Rochdale College in Toronto (something which has also come up before)

Emma Goldman Institute For Anarchist Studies @ UC Davis c/o 1goodpotato

From the Rochdale College Museum:

“Tuition for the B.A. granting course is $25.00. Course length is 24 hours, and the degree will awarded on answering of a skill testing question. Tuition for the M.A. granting course is $50.00. During this course, the length of which will be determined by the student, the student will be required to answer a skill testing question of his choice. For a Ph.D. the tuition is $100.00 and there will be no questions asked.

We are also offering Non-Degrees at comparable rates. A Non-Ph.D. is $25.00. Course duration is your choice; requirements are simple, we ask that you say something. A Non-M.A. is $50.00 for which we require you to say something logical. A Non-B.A. is $100.00; you will be required to say something useful.”

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