Nov 11

Conspire to Resist

Conspire to Resist: A Message from the “So-Called G20 Main Conspiracy Group” (read the full statements on the plea deal here).

So much admiration and respect to this group. Today we welcomed 11 people back to the streets after 18 months but 6 others (Alex, Mandy, Leah, Peter, Erik & Adam) will have to face jail time in order to bring this show prosecution to an end.

 Top image: Beehive Design Collective, middle: Sheila Hewlett, bottom: Ryan Hayes

Nov 11

(Un)Occupy Canada

I’m posting this after a tumultuous day. Late last night Occupy Wall Street was violently raided by police, then this morning I woke up to news that Occupy Toronto was being served with eviction notices for 12:01AM (there’s now a temporary court injunction until at least Friday).

So when I say (Un)Occupy Canada, I’m not talking about ending the occupations. It’s about us recognizing that Canada is already “occupied” land and that indigenous sovereignty has to be a foundational component of our work.

Occupy sites can be an important, if challenging, place to have these discussions. I attended a great workshop on racism and colonialism at the camp and that’s where the inspiration for this design came from (also, see Two Row Wampum). Since this Saturday’s march was called in solidarity with indigenous peoples, it was a perfect occasion for our second sign-printing session (thanks Sheila, Jenny, and Ed!).

Unfortunately we got off to a late start due to some runny ink and unhelpful clamps, but we mixed up a way better purple by adding some white, decided to get rid of the clamps, and we were rolling from there…

If we can make it happen in time, we’ll make a batch of these for Indigenous Sovereignty Week.

 Top two photos by Sheila Hewlett, bottom photo by ana_lee_smith on Flickr

Oct 11

99% vs Ford

Top 2 images via Yellow Sweaty Gorilla, 3rd via Teal Johannson-Knox

Had some fun on Saturday screenprinting signs with friends (Craig, Jenny, Ed and Gabi!) for the Occupy demonstration. We cooked up a quick design to connect the 99% messaging with the Stop the Cuts organizing since the march was going from the financial district to City Hall.

Would love to come back and do it again with a new design, especially something that talks about how Toronto and Canada are already occupied land. Any suggestions?

Aug 11

Freedom of Movement

Hello internet! Check out these two new graphics made with help from my friends Sheila, Samay, Hannah, Ed and Faraz. Oh and from my mom as well :)

Originally the idea was for these images to be on the front and back of a t-shirt. The freedom of movement text came to me one day while brushing my teeth, while the no one is illegal graphic was inspired and more or less lifted from this banner. We picked some languages that fit our context/identities better and worked on getting the best translations in Spanish, French, Chinese and Farsi that we could.

Last week we did a run of the freedom of movement image as a screen-print in some really awesome colours and gradients, and today we made a bunch of posters and t-shirts with the no one is illegal image, but we haven’t united the two designs yet.

Between my job at a youth centre and my community work, I’ve been doing a lot more screen-printing lately, and that’s been making me pretty happy. While printing today (and making some other art, including a banner and giant scissors), we had a conversation about how we first got exposed to screen-printing.

I remember running into my friend Michael Jacko, who had just bought some mesh from the art store and was trying to explain the concept of screen-printing to me, before it made any sense. And then I remember Txus Parras Todos taking up an unofficial artist residency in the hallway of the OPIRG-Toronto office, where he created his own mobile studio and showed us how it was done.

I remember Punchclock making the best movement t-shirts ever. Being introduced to Justseeds. Getting my hands painty again with my DIY apartment heroes Cameron and Sheila. Benefitting from Renee’s vision. Lara’s generosity. Holding it down with Louis and Kai’anne. And the feeling of helping someone else with their first pull. <3

Jun 11

May Day 2011 March for Status for All

I finally completed the short version of this video from May Day. It was a fun a collaboration with two videographers including my friend Owen from LCO.