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No Pride in Apartheid



I’m late to share this, but we recently wrapped-up a collaboration during Pride with Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (QuAIA).

We had a great strategy meeting with folks from QuAIA, Mary from Justseeds and Radical Design School people in May. One of the images I came up with was picked for printing on placards, fundraising posters, and for live printing on clothing at the Dyke March and Pride Parade.


Pride was really the ideal event for this kind of action because people were so willing to part with their clothing momentarily so that we could print with them. The vibe was great and I think it was a really appropriate use for screenprinting as a tool for collective action.

In the lead-up to the Pride activities, a group of dedicated people came together to prep the screens, print posters and placards over several days, and make sure that everything was in place for live printing. It was truly impressive.


tumblr_mp62u18lYV1rdfwn3o1_500 Image via kaleybk on Instagram

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