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RDS Summer Camp


This summer during the frenzy of World Pride, Radical Design School hosted a three-day summer camp. Our camp was an offering to people seeking a more critical and creative alternative to a corporate version of Pride that has lost touch with its political roots.

We were honoured to receive a message of encouragement from Gary Kinsman, a radical queer activist who was one of the organizers of the first Pride march in Toronto in 1981, which was read during our radical walking tour of the Church/Wellesley neighbourhood.

Gary’s writing on the social organization of forgetting and the resistance of remembering was a major source of inspiration for the Hidden Archives project we did in 2013.

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Day 1: Radical walking tour with Rio Rodriguez, photo by Renee Nadeau


Day 2: Art-making following the creative writing workshop with Aruna Boodram, photo by Jenny Chan


Day 3: More art-making after introductions to the boxes we will be assembling with Tings Chak for installation on the streets, photo by rovelasquez on Instagram.

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