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Working Working Working

Radical Design School collaboration with BLM-TO; Lawrence Heights arts drop-in facilitation with artist Samay Cajas (ft. some beautiful lettering by Sheila Hewlett).

Yikes it’s been more than a year since I’ve shared any updates here! This past year was full of meaningful work – spread between two very different jobs and a number of freelance gigs. Unfortunately my work-life balance – specifically the life part (including creation and reflection) – was a casualty of all this juggling.

I’ll be starting a new full-time permanent job in January and my intention is to use this newfound stability to find a better balance. Amidst all of the busyness of 2016, I still made some time to do cultural production and organizing, a highlight of which was working with Grassy Narrows for the 2016 River Run and their ongoing efforts to seek justice.

One of many River Run 2016 art builds at the Greenpeace warehouse – we’ll miss you magical warehouse!
Large format 6×9 feet street posters wheat pasted in the lead-up to River Run 2016.
Youth and elders from Grassy Narrows leading the River Run.
A mock mercury spill outside of Queen’s Park, the provincial legislature, which made a big splash.
A restful break in July – exploring beautiful Lantau Island in Hong Kong.
And returning to Irregular Rhythm Asylum in Tokyo, where we visited in 2012. Such an ongoing source of inspiration.
A poster talking back to a streetwear campaign featuring the White Panther Party.
Printing the second layer of a “No Pipelines on Stolen Land” poster with Natalia Saavedra

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