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Love & Rage Helmet

Love / Rage

I started this blog just over two years ago.

One of my first posts featured a custom-painted bike helmet. This here is my second one.

At the time, I was inspired by finally learning to bike the summer before – and also by my love of graphics by Justseeds. Like getting back on a bike, I wanted to push myself to try something I had long given up on – making an “art” with my own hands (or at least, not solely with a computer).

This new helmet idea didn’t require the same stencil-painting technique, just lots of drawing (and erasing) directly on the helmet with a pencil as a guide for a painting, and some much appreciated help from Sheila with the anarchist heart on the front.

Some fierce friends talk about putting on armour for everyday battles – interactions with bosses, misogynist street harassers, faceless bureaucracies, capitalist vampires, and the like.

This helmet was made with that in mind, as a piece of armour imbued with the spirit of love and rage.

Front / Back

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