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I wanted to share an array of images that I’ve gathered which use the fist & barbed wire as a symbol. For a change, I decided to try making an animated GIF. It was actually pretty easy, so look forward to more animations in the future.

  • #1 Julius Fuchik (book author), Notes From the Gallows (1948) via Justseeds
  • #2 Unknown Artist, Nikdy! (1961) via 4000 Communist Posters Torrent (no longer available)
  • #3 Kearny Street Workshop, Benefit Olga Talamante (~1975) via Kearny Street Workshop Archives
  • #4 One Year of Military Dictatorship (1977) by Malaquías Montoya in Just Another Poster? Chicano Graphic Arts in California (2001)
  • #5 The Struggle Continues via Howard Besser’s T-Shirt Database
  • #6 Unknown Artist (~1943) via 4000 Communist Posters Torrent
  • #7 Naji al-Ali’s Handala
  • #8 Solidarity Across Borders, Montreal
  • #9 No Borders South Wales website banner
  • #10 No Borders Camp
  • #11 www.noborders.cz sticker, in Prague
  • #12  www.nooneisillegal.org sticker, in Toronto
  • #13 No One Is Illegal flag at Zapatista encuentro 2007, via No One Is Illegal – Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories
  • #14 No One Is Illegal – Toronto banner
  • #15 No One Is Illegal – Toronto patch

From Olivier Razac’s Barbed Wire: A Political History (2002)


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