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The Other Side of Obscene Wealth

This event struck a nerve like no other in recent memory. What was it about the $550 dinners under an expressway that had recently been cleansed of its homeless population?

We facilitated a photobooth in collaboration with the Dinner with a View of the Rich organizers, as part of a large, high-energy mobilization that was both in jest and and anger at this surreal display of wealth and ignorance.

Viewfinders – partly inspired by the recent anti-gentrification work of Mercedes Sharpe Zelas and the tradition of Corita Kent – complimented the “framing” of the photobooth activity.

For more, see this excellent Video & Photoset of the action

Evicting the homeless for "Dinner with a View"

Footage from last night’s Ontario Coalition Against Poverty protest, where hundreds of people registered their disgust over $550 dinners being served below a highway near where homeless people had recently been evicted.

Publicado por Ricochet – English en Sábado, 6 de abril de 2019

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